-=I=- About -=I=-

Decotheque… from ‘deco’ as in Art Deco and ‘theque’ which is French for libarary.

... a library of many things Art Deco. I refer not only to imposing architecture, great works of art, grand auctions or estate sales…. But to Art Deco in ‘the everyday’ of appliances, furniture and collectibles be they found in flea markets, on Ebay or Craigslist.


I hand pick ..almost on a daily basis… that which catches my eye…  I feature those here. Both mundane and sublime.

I scrub any pricing or seller info I find  – instead including a link back to the original posting – wherever it may be. This is a truly non-commercial site.

Enjoy… and do follow the blog to get updates… or even better – follow me on Twitter @decotheque